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In the year of 2000 the private charities have wanted its personal title, they participate in the evolution the poorest families in Fitroafana areas in Madagascar.
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 It provides an economic interest to the areas .Besides this program is legitimate to participate even the lowest manner by the import help for some families.
The criteria to sort out the families were simple: single mothers, mothers without income, mothers without job, and children no provide with schooling, or don’t have regular school fees.
The mothers must accept the rules that the protocol requires by 2 parts: they have to take their responsibility of supporting and insuring their maternal activity as they are parents
The objective: to give the opportunity to the children to go to school that it seems no natural problem.

However the mothers beneficiated from the job which given by the company in order to insure income, we in charge the school fees and we accept to help them also with their clothes.

In addition to that they have access to have lunch here if they want, they also can go to the doctor in the company if they are sick .

 The children have to accept to show the result of their exam All are based on the reciprocal volunteer to readjust of their social life.


The ideas of the helping might be rejected. The mothers should carry out the paying task in order to take their responsibility and insure their daily life and the protocol of the donator might break up in case against the rules.
voahiranave.jpgThis disposal is not found to substitute their maternal task and the responsibility as they are parent should be a good example in the development of their families.
The first principle to stand this social action is that if the actual life has made the mothers not to have a successful life, it shouldn’t be inevitable for the children who are not responsible for that.
So they have to put their energy to avoid the same thing. The protocol gives hand for reaching without giving up their maternal responsibility.
During this year there are four families have been registered   in the protocol’s help and there are twelve children have been provided with schooling.
This is very little comparing to the general situation; however if there is only one learns to read and to write, it would be a successful action to fight against the poverty.