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Communication and follow up




  The Association Sekool Madagascar has created a Web site for communication and monitoring activities implemented.


  This heading allow for the person who want to verify the use of the gift, it is stay anonymous in the site and also the evolution of the people and the target children in the social action.


  By the ability of the picture and the writting the history about their daily life for each person is describing by family or each kind of the out of school event fete or sport participation.


  It shows the schooling result of the children and the phisical evolution or intellectuel, in the way that describing the happing action, the family of the target group can also express their ideas if they want.


  The last is the person recrut by the company l’AVENIR in this social action is exclusivly dedicat to the project and also the follow up of the target group.


  So that it be the report account, the follow up their daily work, everything about the children education and the exam result, the management of the out side school event, or their school, the acivity of the teacher which needs special help, set up every day the web site and the development.


   It means that this is a relay of the communication between the different partner and the target group by the social action and the project of schooling.


   The greatest aim of this project is to show and to explan to other areas their position and it also ambasdor to ohter different kind ixist for doing exactly the same this project and applies it somewhere.