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Financial Management
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  For the use of the management structure, the company l’AVENIR put in disposal their factory doctor and the medicine in their office. She put also in disposal in her structure of canteen for giving to the concert person regular lunch so that they can assume physically their task and daily work. The last it puts in the disposal in dedicate local the daily management the details related to this activity social such as payment of the person, follow up the result, treatment of the possible dispute ,personal management, the communication with the donator and other school, treasury management and management report. In annex budgeter planning in four year describe the heading and take in charge for carrying out this project. To sum up the board bellow show the needs in term 25000Ariary (local money) per year it is equal in euro to 9260euros                   
    2008 2009 2010 2011
BUDGET TOTAL   3340 4890 6660 9260
 charge by donateur existents euro 2950 3825 3800 4630
% 88% 78% 57% 50%
charge by the prospect euro 390 1064 2860 4630
12% 22% 22% 43% 50%